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Construction Plans

Chapter I: Removing the NES circuit board

This chapter will focus on removing the parts (from the NES) that you will need to build the NESp. You will still need to buy other parts, but it will be kept at a minimum. All parts that can be reused will be reused.

You will need a NES to sacrifice to make a NESp. I would suggest that you not use your only NES, but rather go to your local used game store or antique shop and buy a used NES there. You can even use a blinking NES. When a NES blinks, it means that the cartridge connector in the NES is worn out. The cartridge connector in the side-loading NES was poorly designed and wears out overtime. Fortunately the NESp does not use this connector, so a blinking NES will work perfectly for conversion.

If you are looking for a cheap NES, go to your local GameStop and ask them if they have any used NESs that are blinkers that they cannot sell. If they are really nice they will give them to you for free.

Part 1: Opening the NES