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Construction Plans

Chapter IV: Replacing the RF modulator

Now that you have removed the RF modulator, you will have to replace some of the functions of the RF modulator as well as add a few functions that the Portable NES will need.

First off, the video signal from the NES is too weak to work on a TV now that the RF modulator circuit is removed. We will have to make an amplifying circuit to boost the video signal.

Secondly, 12v DC powers the LCD display on the NESp, but the NES board only needs 5v DC. We do not want to run 12v directly into the NES; the 12 volts will fry the board! So we need something to drop the voltage down to 5v.

Finally, we will need a volume control to adjust the volume on the NESp.

Building the circuit board

You will need to gather the necessary parts. Here is a list of parts that the board will need, for exact details refer to the parts list page:


Quantity Part description
1 DC-DC converter
1 2N4401 transistor
1 33W resistor
1 220W resistor
2 (one package) 1/8" 3 conductor phono jack Radio Shack # 274-0249
1 8 position DIP switch
1 Volume control knob
1 SPST switch


Here is a schematic of the circuit I used with my NESp.

Picture of the Circuit

Here is a picture of the circuit I used with my NESp.

Drawing of the Circuit

Here is a drawing of the circuit I used with my NESp.

Here I answered some questions people had about the circuit drawing

Now to construct the Amplifier/etc circuit:

Since the Amp is constructed on perf board and not a printed circuit board, I am not going to go into details on how to construct it except to provide a schematic and a photograph of the circuit I made from the top and bottom.

You will have to lay out your circuit yourself, but I think it shouldn't be too hard.

Please contact me if you need any help.

Once you have finished the circuit, hook it up to your NES and test it out.