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Frequently asked Questions

When will the NESp be finished?

It is!!! For some reason I still get people asking me this, so this question and answer will stay here forever!

How come the cartridges don't fit into the casing further?

This is the first NESp, which was designed to be as simple as possible, so anyone could make it themselves. To have the games in further would require more work. The NESp version 2 will be designed to allow the cartridges fit in like a GameBoy cartridge.

Why are the controls so high on the NESp?

This is the first NESp, which was designed to be as simple as possible, so anyone could make it themselves. There wasn't enough space to fit them lower. Actually it worked out well, and I find the controls very comfortable!

How much does the NESp weigh?

About 2.5 pounds

Can you make/sell me a NESp?

Whoa! I have already received over 100 requests from people that want to buy a NESp from me! I just don't have the time, this is just a hobby for me. What I can do is describe exactly how to make your own. Believe me it is not hard, and if you really want one you can make it.

Can I build my own?

Yes, I am currently working on a guide that describes how to build you own NESp!

Is it hard to make?

No it is very easy! The hard part was figuring it out, and I have already figured it out, so get working!

I don't know how to solder/desolder, can you help me?

If I could hold a class I would, but what I can do is provide you with links to sites that have soldering/desoldering tutorials and books on the subject. Soldering is not hard once you know the techniques.

When will the guide be finished?

I hope to have the guide finished soon, but my time is limited, so expect the guide to be finished mid September. If you cannot wait, all the information is on the site, you just need to look through the July news page, and other sections of the site.

Where did you get the screen?

You can get it from the parts list page.

Can you make a Sega Genesis/Mega Drive portable?

Now why would I do that when Sega already made one. It is called the Nomad, and you can buy them on ebay for about $40. I have one and I love it!

Can you make a SNES portable?

A friend of mine (Rob) is working on one right now, and I would hate to repeat work. As soon as he has a site up I will link from my site to his.

Can you make a Atari 2600 portable?

There are already 2 people out there who are making portable 2600s. Benjamin J. Heckendorn and Larry Ziegler

Can you make the NES cartridges smaller?

I would never crack open a NES cart except to replace a battery. But what I am thinking about is making a Smart Media drive for the NESp. If it works you could fit about 300 games on one 64 megabyte card!

Can you add a second player controller port?

I did, but I guess it servers me right for not really showing it.

Can you plug it into the wall or a car cigarette plug?

Again I did this too, you can power the NESp using a standard Sega Game Gear AC or Car adapter.

Can you plug it into a TV and play it on the TV?

Yes, yet another feature I did not showcase.

How come the controls are so high? I would have liked it if they were lower.

The reason the controls are high is to make the NESp simple to make. If I were to make them lower the casing would have to be wider. If you hold it in your hands you would not mind them high. Actually it is very comfortable to hold.

Can you play it in the dark?

This baby is backlit so you can play it under the covers no problem!

Can you make your site look better?

This site is a information resource, I can make great looking sites, but would you rather me spend all my time on that?

I have more questions can you answer them?

Sure, just e-mail them to me! tighe@classicgaming.com