Game Cartridge Repair

Many people have asked "Why doesn't my NES work?", and it is commonly thought that the fault lies with the NES console's cartridge connector. While this can be one of the causes, there can be another problem...

...the game.

Below are some photos detailing how a NES game can be worn to the point that it would not function properly.

Here, we start with 2 games: Pinball (my favorate NES game) and RC PRO-AM (a game I rarely played. Please pardon the pun). I used a special security bit screwdriver to open these fine games. You can buy this screwdriver on the MCM Electronics web site.

Now that the cartridges are open, we can see that contacts on Pinball (left) are worn away, while RC PRO-AM (right) looks like new!

Here you can see that the pins are only worn on one side of Pinball.


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