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Game Park 32

Little-known handheld from Korea lets you bring almost every classic game system with you.

A special Thanks to Lik-Sang for providing the GP32 for this review. They are very fast and friendly.

I received the test unit in 3 days via UPS. You can buy your own GP32 from their web site, http://www.lik-sang.com.

June 7, 2003 – Probably most of you haven’t even heard of the Game Park 32, and if you have you probably don’t know of what it can do.

The Game Park 32, or GP32 for short, is a Korean-made portable game system similar to a Game Boy Advance (GBA). Now that I have said it is similar, let me tell you how it is different.


The GBA display’s resolution is 240x160 and it can display up to 512 colors simultaneously.

The GP32 display is 320x240 and can display 65,536 colors simultaneously.


GBA - 32-bit ARM7TDMI 16.7 Mhz

GP32 – 32-bit ARM920T variable speed processor 20-133Mhz (with the ability to be overclocked to 186MHz)

So far you can see that the GP32 far exceeds the specifications of the GBA, so I will stop with the comparison.

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