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Game Park 32

Little-known handheld from Korea lets you bring almost every classic game system with you.

A special Thanks to Lik-Sang for providing the GP32 for this review. They are very fast and friendly.

I received the test unit in 3 days via UPS. You can buy your own GP32 from their web site, http://www.lik-sang.com.

June 7, 2003


Dimension/Weight 147mm X 88mm X 34mm(163g)
Display 3.5" Reflective TFT LCD(65,536 concurrent colors)
Resolution 320 X 240 pixel
ROM 512K
Sound 44.1Khz 16 bit Stereo Sound / 4 Channel Wav Mixing, 16Poly S/W MIDI Support / Earphone Port / 2 Speakers
External Storage Medium Smart Media Card (SMC)
Wireless Multiplayer Gaming 4-Channel RF Module
PC Connection USB Port Connection
Power Supply 2AA batteries (12 hours use time between charges) / DC 3V Adapter
Option Rechargeable Battery
Controls 8-way directional pad (joystick) + Durable 6 key button
MP3 Capability MPEG ( , ) Audio Support
Other Add-on Applications Image Viewer, Text Viewer, Media Player, E-Book Viewer
RF Module 2.4GHz ISM Band

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