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A special Thanks to Lik-Sang for providing the GP32 for this review. They are very fast and friendly.

I received the test unit in 3 days via UPS. You can buy your own GP32 from their web site, http://www.lik-sang.com.
Game Park 32

Little-known handheld from Korea lets you bring almost every classic game system with you.

June 7, 2003

Uploading Games

Since the GP32 is such a powerful system, many people have taken to porting their favorite PC emulators to the GP32. Since I am a classic game freak, that was the first thing I wanted to do. So when I received my GP32 I grabbed the Smart Media Card from my camera, hooked the GP32 to my PC, installed the software and driver, then initialized the card. I had already downloaded the NES emulator, so I decided to install it. I clicked on "install" but it would only allow files with the extension .zpk and .fpk. This was confusing, as the emulatorís extension was .fxe, so I looked around the web trying to figure out what I was missing. It turns out that you first need to install a launcher program that allows you to run .fxe files on your GP32. Once I installed the launcher, all I had to do is put the .fxe files in the GPMM folder on the card. It was pretty annoying, but once I figured it out, it was smooth sailing.

First connect the GP32 to you PC via the USB cable (you will need to install the drivers first), and select the communication icon on the main menu.

Next run the PClink program on you PC. You will also need to install this first.

I tried to install the .fxe file, but found that I could only select .zpk or .fpk files...

...Then I found that you need to install the freeloader (gp_launc.zpk) once I installed it, all I had to do was to copy my .fxe files into the GPMM directory.

Now select game from the main menu

Now select the GP32 Freeloader

Finally, Select your uploaded game, application, or emulator.

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