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Game Park 32

Little-known handheld from Korea lets you bring almost every classic game system with you.

A special Thanks to Lik-Sang for providing the GP32 for this review. They are very fast and friendly.

I received the test unit in 3 days via UPS. You can buy your own GP32 from their web site, http://www.lik-sang.com.

June 7, 2003

NES Emulators

fNES32 - fNES32 is still an immature emulator, which has no sound support, but runs a decent speed. One annoyance, you cannot go back to the main menu to select a different NES game, you will have to turn off the GP32, yuck!

InfoNES-GP32 - InfoNES has sound support, albeit poor sound (buzzing). The NES emulation is pretty good. It could use a clean up of the sound and a speed boost.

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