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NESp History (this page is not finished yet, but the NESp is!)

Now that the NESp is finished and running perfectly, here is a little history of how it came to be.

Summer 2000: The exact date is forgotten, but I happened to venture onto a web site by Benjamin J. Heckendorn. What he had done was very inspiring, be had taken a Atari 2600, and made it into a portable game system similar to a GameBoy! This inspired me and not too much later I created the prototype image below:

Click to see full-size prototype

November 2000: I needed to figure out how to eliminate the RF modulator from an original NES circuit board, because it would make the NESp too big. I was able to find a schematic of the NES, and I was on my way.

March 2001: I completed a ribbon cable cartridge connector for the NESp, but I soon realized that it was fragile, and did not make the best of connections.

June 2001: I bought a used NES from a local antique shop for $20 this will become the NESp.

July 2001: I finally worked up the nerve to desolder the RF modulator from the NES. At first I reconnected the modulator with a ribbon cable to make sure I didn't destroy the NES, and I was lucky I did not! This was a big step, and finally put me in a position to where I could figure out exactly how to run the NES with out the modulator.

After this point, I looked up the monitor that I planned to use and found out that it had dropped in price to $85! I ordered on that day!

The next step was to solder the cartridge connector to the NES board. It went well except I missed one connection, which I was able to correct.

Then, I bought a project box at RadioShack that I used to make the casing.