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March 12th, 2003

Please Finish Guides (1)

I was wondering if you would update your page on making the portable NES. I have waited and waited for chapters 5-8. Could you please update you page, or send me the chapters? I need these to finish my NESp.

Ah yes, the guides I just don’t know when or if they will be completed.

Maybe someday…

I have been checking everywhere for a site where I could purchase a already made NESp.It would really help me if you could tell me a site that does.

I have been thinking about this, and my ability to produce a large volume of kits to easily make your own NESp, but this would be in the future.

You got to wiggle it

I just wrote you a long e-mail before this one, and
I'm not sure if it properly sent.
I needed a little more info on removing the expansion
port off of the mainboard. I've desoldered all of the
pins but it still seems firmly attached. I was hoping
you could give me a little more detail on how to
remove it.
Thank you.
Adam VanNuck

Removing the ext port on the bottom of the NES board is easier if you wiggle the port while heating the pins. You can always just yank it off too, just be careful.

Just do it

What are the requirenemts needed to substitute the recommended game screen for a PSone game screen?
~ Big "Nintenfreak Jr." Al ~ Please visit
World 8 - 3 the Cartogracy. http://big_al_160.tripod.com

I don’t have a Psone screen, so I am not sure of the exact way it should be done, so just figure it out. Hee hee hee. If you want to send me one, I wouldn’t mind.

Got LCD?

I really would like to build a NESp, but I have 1 small problem. I can't find a decent LCD display. I've seen them around but I can't afford to buy a 5 inch 300$ screen! Is it possible to use the screen from a gameboy, not pocket or color, the original yellow-greenish color screen(B&W). Hopefully you can help me to find a screen I can afford. Ive looked on I-MCMs website but the screen you used is discontinued and they can't find anymore.
Ive looked everywhere on the net. Even ebay! and other auctions. Cant find a color screen that takes RGB for under 300$
Please help. I would love to have a NESp. It looks awsome!
You don't really have to finish the HOW TO page all you have to finish is the "Building the NESp controller. " part. I think people know how to "baiscaly" put it in a box and cut out holes.

I am in the process of looking for a new LCD screen for the NESp, I will post links here when I find one.

I will also finish the controller part of the guide, but for now look at the NESp inside out.

Cuts to the quick

I have a few questions for you. How did you cut the
casing of the NESp? do you know where I might find a
LCD display that accept 9V?

I cut the case using a Dremel , but you can do it other ways.

Not Quite.

In the pictures you have a blue wire running to a white cable going to the side of the screen. What type of cable is that white one, and how did you hook it to the screen??????
Thank You for your time.

Actually, if you are referring to this picture, then that is not a white wire at all, it is the cold-cathode tube backlight, and those blue wires are not running in to it at all, they are the D-pad circuit board wires.

Replacing NES cart Batteries

I wanted to compliment you on your website. You obviously put alot of effort into it and it shows. Lots of cool information.
I have a question for you that i didn't see an answer for on your website.
I have some NES catridges that i want to replace the battries. I know its soldered on but I'm unsure of where to unsolder it without breaking the connections.
Can you clarify a little bit on how to successfully replace a battery? I have a bunch of batteries and would like to put them to use by putting new batteries in my nes games. :) Thanks in advance.

Replacing the battery is actually quite easy, just heat (soldering iron) the piece of metal that comes up and wraps around the battery, and while it is hot use a small screwdriver (eyeglasses screw size) and pry the metal bracket up just a little. The battery should now slide out. Now all you need to do is solder a new battery in. I have a Zelda Cart that needs a battery, I will take some pictures.

Lost ways around the blinker

Hi I really enjoy your site, I just have a question to ask though.
I want to have a working NES that doesn't run off the blinker system. How would I do that? I don't want to make a portable one just a normal NES, I just don't want it to run off the blinker system. I don't feel like playing my old NES games for 5 minutes then all of a sudden it crashes and starts blinking.
So thanks for you time!
PS kept up the good work!

What a lot of people don’t realize is that sometimes it is not the NES, but the cartridge that is worn out. Look here of an example What you will notice is that the pinball cartridge’s pins are very worn out, this is because of the side-loading NES design. The pins on the back of the cartridge wear out in the hinging slot. You would be safer using a top-loading NES if you want to preserve your games. What ever you do -- DO NOT -- do this , it will only wear you cartridges faster! I have a surprise that I will be sharing soon…


Hey man think your idea is awesome.
I am planning to build a portable Nintendo but want to use a chip version, known at the NT6578 or maybe build it directly off the CPU and PPU from an original Nintendo. Anyway, I am going to try my best to build something as small as possible. Let me know if you have some tips on where to get parts and such.
Billy Kidney
Raleigh, NC

Thanks Billy, If you are looking for info on this, Kevin Horton’s web site is a great place to start.

Game Axed?

What do you think about "Game Axe"? Good or Bad? And is it worth buying?? (cost about 80-120$)
Bjorn (sweden)

David Levine’s web site goes really into detail about the Game Axe.


hi i was wondering if you could tell me how to hook up a game gear to this analog rgb thing you talked about in you website. is rgb like a computer moniter. what i am really trying to do is hook up my sega game gear to a computer if you could help me it would be greatly appriciated
thanks alot

While I may have dismissed the Game Gear’s screen a long, long time ago, people still ask me questions about it. The best Game Gear video reference is here .

Game Link?

Thanks man. I just thought it might be an idea. I was also wondering if
there would be a way to make it so you could hook two NESps together to play
multiplayer games. I figured that would be easier than trying to have two
people watch a small screen. If not that then maybe make a seperate NESp that
you can run the a/v cable, and the second player controller cable to that has
the controls and a screen that the second player could watch. Just an idea.

What you would want to d in order to do this is make a dummy NESp, just a controller and screen, then you would connect it to the player 2 port on the NESp and the AV out.


Many games for the original NES required that you push and hold reset while turning the power off your NES. Is there a reset button, and is this still necessary on your device?

Yes, The reset button is still necessary, and it is located on the front of the NES right under the power LED.

1 2 3 4!

Hello! I am an aspiring electric hobbyist who would
like a few questions answered. Here they are.
1) Are you EVER going to make a portable dreamcast? If not, where do i start?
2) Can you use a NES 2 to build the NESP?
3) Is there any way to get the parts to build it cheaper?
4) Can you add me to the list of people making a NESP?
Please respond. I am eagerly awaiting an answer.
Capitan Roofus

1. I don’t know – maybe – but I have other ides for a dreamcast…

2. Yes, but why would you ruin a collector’s item?? Please DON’T!!

3. Yes, but I am keeping it from you BLUHAAAA HAA HAAA!!

4. OK

It’s Different…
…But better!

Hi, my name is Russell and after viewing your page I became interested in
making an NESp. I noticed that when you talked about soldering the
connector off the Game Genie that you said you can now buy the connector
online. My question is if the Game Genie cartridge connector is the same
as the cartridge connector in the NES itself, or is it a totally different
connector? I guess what I'm asking is if I can use the NES's cartridge
connector as the cartridge connector in an NESp? Thanks.
Russell Archey

Well Russell, the game genie connector actually is better because it won’t wear out your cartridges, since it goes straight in and out (insert 70’s p0rn music), where the original hinges on the cartridge wearing it out over time . Please know that you cannot just swap the original connector with the game genie, you will need to solder it in, and you will not be able to insert the cartridge the old way.

I am a bad man

please help
It would be really great if you could send me the info on how to do the last few steps in your guide. I am getting so close to finishing but my brother and I could use some help.
Building the NESp controller.
Cutting the NESp casing
Making the final connections and other miscellaneous things
Sorry to bother you with these questions but if you could help that would be great. I'm not very good at these things.
thanks for your time

Well Evan, I feel like I will never finish that blasted guide, I don’t know why. I will try.

I am a very bad man

I am tring to build my NESp and i need to know chapters 5,6,7,8 because I,m just not real sure on how to do them.
Building the NESp controller,
Cutting the NESp casing ,
Fitting the Video Display Controller and NES circuit board into the NESp casing , and
Making the final connections and other miscellaneous things.
If you could help me in these fields i would be very greatful.
Thank you

Thanks, for staying on my case, if people keep harassing me I might finish it!

I am a very very bad man

please help
It would be really great if you could send me the info on how to do the last few steps in your guide. I am getting so close to finishing but my brother and I could use some help.
Building the NESp controller.
Cutting the NESp casing
Making the final connections and other miscellaneous things
Sorry to bother you with these questions but if you could help that would be great. I'm not very good at these things.
thanks for your time

Thanks, keep it up!


Hey, if I had a SNES and I followed the same instructions would it be the same? Can u give me the address of the site that your friend is gonna post his instructions on a SNESp. And also, know any sites I can purchase a NES and the parts I will need 2 make a NESp????? Thx alot

The NES and the SNES are not the same, so the way you would do it would be different, but similar.

It was done then lost

Just wanted to know if you have done this or know of some one who has done this.
I have searched the net for any information on modifying old front loaders to top loaders but haven't been able to find any mention.
bottom of the page says "coming..." "Converting a NES to top loading"
just wanted to know if you have tried it yet. or have any information they may be of use.
I have 6 front loaders all working. and wouldn't mind cutting one to bits.
I have modified tones of thing before (mainly controllers and zappers for various systems) but never a system.
if you have no information to pass onto me about top loading then I would be happy to be the first person to make a walkthrough on this nes mod.
Any help you could offer would be very much appreciated.
Shaun Elliott

Shaun, I actually made a top loading NES al long time ago, back in December 2001, but then I thought I lost it, but then I found it. It is not pretty, meaning I need to finish the controller ports to fit in nicely. I will post pictures sometime.

Yes, but why?

I was wondering if I could power the NES via the 5 solder points, and make my own a/v amps, while leaving the RF Modulator and not frying anything. Any insight would be appreciated.

I have actually did this first, but why would you want to do it? Please tell me!

Probably the screen.

i actually started building my nesp a while ago and got it to run off batteries and work on my psone's lcd screen, but the picture is in a very bright tint that cannot be fixed by the buttons on the screen, i was wondering if this was a problem with my video amp or if it was just the lcd screen? thanks.

It sounds like a screen problem, did you mess around with the back light? A good way to figure where the problem is, would be to hook the AV up to a TV to test, if the picture is bright on the TV then it is the NES, if not it is the screen.


First off I want to say thanks for the great website and mucho information. I have been intrested in working with electronics and such to do similar projects. I was wondering what books I should read to get my foot in the door. If you dont know any books specifically could you tell me what sorts of things should a good book cover. I am currently in a electronics club and we ar just about at the midway point. We only meet 2 times a week so all the information right now is pretty vauge.

Hey Gabe, Forrest Mims has some great Electronics book’s I love them!

This Book is a good starter book .

I am a very very very bad man & Schematics

Hi I was wandering around the Internet recently
and found myself intrigued by your NESp. i would like
to know how i may go about creating one. i find you
construction directions very helpful but they are not
completed and i wish to know more. also if you can
send me the NES schematic it would be greatly
appreciated. i know quite a bit about the NES. i have
written an NES emulator, but it is not quite the same
as a portable system. any help you can give me will be
much appreciated.
Gary Boyes
Black Viking Software

Due to the fact that the schematic is copy-righted, I cannot send you the schematic, but you can buy one here .

Again please keep it up!

LCD no longer carried at MCM Electonics

hi, i am having a hard time finding a LCD screen. the
one you used has been discontinued and i cannot find
another match. if you can help me it would be much
appreciated. also, how long do you think a portable
NES would run if the RF modulator was left in tact? Or
is that even possible? maybe not, unless the lcd
module ran off 9v instead of 12v. oh well, if you can
help me i would appreciate it.
Gary Boyes
Black Viking Software

Well Gary, here is another LCD , it looks like the same one, but I am not sure.

One Kill’a battery

I have looked through all of your portables and how you made them and i am really amazed.
I have a really good idea for a Portable System. Maybe a Portable PlayStation 2. I know you are a genious and you could think of a way to be able to do it.
Would there be a way that you can think of to maybe make a portable DVD player that is compatible with PlayStation 1 and 2 hardware and software?
That would be the coolest thing in the world. One problem though that I see right away is the battery life being sucked up within one second.
I have some rough sketches for the portable. I think it would be really cool and i think it would sell really well if brought to the attention of Sony.
Thank you for your time and if you do or do not think the same as me can you olet me know thanks a lot Tighe.
Person that wants a Portable PlayStation 2 and thinks that it would be awesome.

You are right Nick, it would suck a battey dry in no time, you would need a fuel cell to power a PS2, or this:



Send a picture

I have to thank you for putting instructoins for building an NESp. This is
something I have wanted to do for a long time but never knew how. There are a
few questions that I have though:
1) How long do the batteries last?
2) My NES board is a bit different than yours judging by the picture on the
scematics part of your site. For example, there is no "W" under the 4 on the
left side, and the two blue things aren't in the same spot, they're further
away. does this meen that mine is an earlier or later model than yours?
Please e-mail me.
P.S. I may need some help constructing that amp thing that replaces the
RF modulator later but I don't have all the parts yet, so I'll contact you
when I get them.

I send me a picture of you NES and I might be able to tell you. The batteries in the NESp last more than 3 hours .

It is really hard

Would it be super easy to win at Duck Hunt with a 4'' screen? I ask this
because the tip of the gun takes up like half of the screen, and you couldn't
stand to far back because you wouldn't be able to see.

It is very difficult to play on the tiny screen, the gun has a hard time seeing the strobe.


Could you please put a picture of the other side of the NESp2 (espestialy the
amp) on you site? What you have shown is much easier to understand than the
pictures of the origional NESp amp. Also, how did you take the surface of
that part of the NES board off? Did you scape it off or use some chemical?

Now why would I do that, heh heh heh. I must have missed that, I guess I will have to take some pictures.


Are there any parts on the original RF modulator that can be re-used on the
I looked at the thingies inside it and thoght that the resistors look like
the one you bought. It would make sense because it is for the same thing.

They can be reused, just not in the NESp.


Hi sorry to bether you. My name is Hector and I wanted to know two things: One. Can I use a gameboy screen or is it the same deal as the gamegear? and Two. What do you extimate that I will spend to build the NESp. Consiedring that I need to buy everything except for the tools.
Thank you for your time and please answer back as soon as possible.
-Hector Aponte

NO. Besides all of the answers to your questions can be answered here.

It’s on on the FAQ, but the answer is here.

I love you work, and I've been inspired to build a NESp for myself. The best part is that my Computer Maintenance and Repair teacher OKed it as a project for class. I'm going to get credit for doing this! :-)
There's only one catch: any parts that aren't supplied in class, I have to buy myself. The only part I am worried about is the portable TV screen. I can get all kinds of resistors, capacitors, LEDs, regulated power supplies, etc from inside the classroom.
I have a question that isn't covered in the FAQ: how much does it cost to build one of these things? I know that you don't have an exact price, but if you could give me a ballpark estimate, I would appreciate it. After all, I am a cheap bastard. :-)
~Jacob King
aspiring electronics guy

Here . Sometimes I think that I am really bad at desiging web sites…

I don’t need no skolin

Hello, I am about to graduate from high school and I am thinking about going into Computer Engineering. I was amazed by the NESp and now I am wondering if you think I would be able to do the kind of work you did if I get a degree in Computer Engineering. Are you a college graduate? If so what career path did you take? I am imagining that you must be very knowledgeable of electronics to make the portable Nintendo 64 and NES. I would like to do that kind of stuff as a hobby later on during college, so do you think if I studied Computer Engineering, I would also be able to tinker around with electronics the way you do?
please respond. Thank you,
Jaime Gonzalez

Jaime, I took Computer Science in College, and it really would be better suited for programming an emulator, but everyone and their cousin has already done that. You can teach yourself this stuff it is not hard. I can suggest that you take physics in college, it covers electronics enough so that you understand the math part. Physics is fun!

Word to the wise:

Atmospheric thermodynamics is very hard .

Good Job

Hey fellow portable constructor.
You read the subject correctly, I've built two different portable NESs.
Attached are three pics of the models I've made so far, the big metal one was
made by me, when I was 17 in 1999, the second was made just a couple a months
ago. I plan and hope to make these to be sold, but that's unlikely at best
because I haven't really seen the interest yet. But I'm hopefull and might even
offer them on eBay when I finish the next one. Sorry, if I sound a bit cocky or
rude, but as of yet I've only found two people who think this is a worth while
idea, and only 10-12 people who are honestly impressed, not just shocked and
freaked out beyond all belief. That, and a couple of the other portable system
people i've contacted never responed. I do have a web site if you're
Pictues attached

You did a good job.

I am never wrong

I finished looking over your site and I must say I'm impressed with how good it
looks and how well organized it is. I have,however, found one thing that is in
error, and you may have already been informed of this. On your game repair
page, you use a pinball cart as an example of worn off pins. First of all, the
pins are thick enough that for just normal ware and even excessive ware, it
would be extremely difficult to wear through the pins. Especially to do so and
to leave such clean lines. I have seen these carts and have a few of my own.
The reason these pins are so much shorter than the rest is because if you look
at the cart connector in the NES the bottom row of contacts are more in front
than the top row. Now while this was by design for the angled loading, this
also presented Nintendo and opportunity. This was two fold, first by shortening
the pins slightly, they could save a small amount of money on each cart because
it would mean less gold needed to plate the pins per cart. Most importantly,
and chief among their reasons was that it was one of Nintendo's attempts to make
their games incompatible with Galoob's Game Genie, of which, Nintendo did not
approve. The main problem with this is that making them too short would cause
the games not to work with their own system. So they tried with little success
for some time before giving up and going back to making the edge connectors the
way they were before. In my experience with NESs the three main problems that
cause the blink is dirty or corroded carts, dirty decks, and sprung pins in the
NES's cart connector.

Here is where I sound like an ass, but that pinball cartridge I got back in 1987, way before the game genie. When I bought it, it was not worn at all. Those pins are worn from the cartridge connector. It is possible that Nintendo did shorten the pins on later cartridges, but the fact remains:

"The side-loading NES wears out cartridges"

Other cool NES stuff

I am planning to create my own N64 Casemod. It is my idea to put it in
the top of my LAN-Party File&Gameserver, so that i get a Computer
and a N64 in one case.
But i have a few questions,
How did you get the N64 open??
Is a standard 8CM 12 volt fan enough to cool the entire N64, or are the
Heatsinks really necessary?
And can the power switch be replaced with a power switch from a
computer (a softpres button)
Greetings Jeroen

This guy installed all this in a PC:

Atari 2600

Nintendo Entertainment System (8-bit)

Microsoft Xbox

Nintendo GameCube

Sony PlayStation 2


These guys made a PC out of a NES



3 questions:

1. Will the NESp2 use the "NES on a chip"? Seems like that would help
with the space problem:
2. Do you know offhand the total cost of NESp?
3. Any idea on when the NESp2 will be completed, and if it will be more
expensive? It sounds worth waiting for...

1. no

2. http://www.classicgaming.com/nestable/partslist.shtml

3. no, the guts are done, and it will be cheaper


for the quick response, I'll eagerly await the v2. Sounds like you're
heading towards a product superior to the Game Axe and Top Guy, although
obviously the time/effort will scare some people off. The fact that
the cartridge won't stick out as much is very impressive! Thanks again,


This is it

Will the site be recieving an update soon? I refresh the page like 5 times a day hoping for one..
I wanna build one of these darn things but the Construction isn't finished..

Five times a day?

Yipes! the Punisher is after me!

When do you think the P64 project will be finished? I am really looking forward to making my own:)

Someday in the next year?

What about the Banks?

I am currently looking into building a Compact flash reader for the NES.
The general Idea is to take a standard cart, gut it Rebuild the inside with a CPLD, SDram, and control hardware in such a way that you could load binarys onto the cart off of the compact flash, and play them on a standard NES. I am having trouble locating information on the output signals and the internal cartrage hardware information I am sending similar info the Kevin horton in an attempt to get him on board as sort of an advisor. Any information that you can provide other than whats on NESDEV ( Im currently researching all of it) would be apreciated. I will be getting my O-scope from the shop next week and should be able to start re engenirring the hardware at that time, but I am just now learning the code needed for such a device as i do not believe that you can mod an old cart to do the job.
Let me know if you would be interested in helping.
Thanks, Justin

How would you support all the bank switchers? E.G. MMC1 MMC2, etc.

I don’t know

do you know when you might be able to fnish the how to page?
thanks much,

I don’t know

See Above

Where can I get a LCD screen for the nesp The link you have listed says that that product has been discontinued.


could you hook up a 9 volt Battery to the nesp instead of 8 AA batteries? Would it run longer when hooked up to the 9 volt battery (more power efficient)?

Yes,you could hook it up to the old RF modulator, even though it takes 9VAC, it runs through a bridge rectifier to convert it to 9VDC, and DC is unaffected by a bridge rectifier, so yes you can hook it up, but is is less efficent, and also a 9V battery has a shorter milliamp hour rating.

Psone Screen

Can you yous a PSone LCD for the nesp?


I am holding out

i just have two questions.
1. is there anyway you could send me the how-to building instructions by e-mail from begining to end?
2. the part about obtaining an lcd screen. i recently bought the screen hookup for a playstation one at a good deal, but a month later i bought playstation 2 and used the ps 1 as a trade deal so the screen is pretty much useless for now. could the screen be used towards the pNES or should i just invest in the one you suggested to begin with?
that's about it. any help you can give would be great.

1. sure, I have the finished plas all done, I just didn’t put them on the site. Whan I finish them I will post them to the site.

2. Yes


I'm building my own pn64 and I need to know where you got your 3.3v converter. Please e-mail me kiwiforty@aol.com

Radioshack is where

I am still here

The site has not had any news added, When will you be adding new information
to the site, are you even doing it anymore. Thank you

I am still here, yahoo! It is now 1:48 A.M.


Awesome thanks for updating the site. I have another question for you,
What kind of LCD screen are you using on the P64 and if I want to put a
larger screen on my NESp what would matter besides it accepting R.G.B and
running on 12VDC.
Thanks again,

I am using the same screen on the p64. As for you using a screen, it be better to have a screen that ran at 5v, the voltage the NES board runs on (after the RF modulator).

1:50 A.M.

I was wanting to know if a color LCD screen would work as a screen for a NESp
or any other nintendo system


1:51 A.M.

I have a 8.75" LCD screen from a fujitusu laptop computer could I use it as
the screen for a portable N64 or SNES.

No, digital display… …SNES and N64 output analog, and N64 does not do RGB.


1:52 A.M.

What kind of video signal does the N64 put out? thanks

Composite video and S-video.


The site that sells the LCD you used no longer carries that item I have done
multiple Lycos Yahoo and so on searches but the only thing anyone has is
character displays and such. Where else can I find a color LCD?

See above

So many Questions

How can the NESp run on a 10V Game Gear adaptor when the LCD needs 12 volts
to run? And when you do use the Game Gear power adaptor how do you keep the
NESp from using power from the batteries at the same time? Do you have to
take a battery out like on the Lynx?
Thanks again, Sorry about all the questions

The Game Gear adapter, like most wall warts actually put out about 11v. The Display is forgiving and can actually run on 10v.

P64 Power

On the message board you said you knew a better way to make a power circut for a P64 and you would put it on the site but I don't see it anywhere. What other way can I get the 3.3V 2amps?
Thank you,


I am not telling

On your webpage you said that you knew a better way to power the N64 with batteries, I am assuming you mean a better way besides linking the car adaptors together to get the 3.3VDC 2ma I noticed you had a picture of a plastic case that said MAXIM on it and it had two things in it and you said they were the main part of the p64 power circuit, well basicaly my question is...What is the better way to power it? and would the Radio Shack heat sinks not cool the CPU and the GPU. Awesome thanks for all your help, as soon as I figure out the power I will finish up my case and e-mail u pictures of my Portable N64.
Thanks again,

I am not telling out of fear that people will buy them all up. I will let you know at some point.


How much would it cost to have you make me a p64? I can supply the
N64 hardware if needed. Let me know.

It would cost a Video Game System like a 3D0 including Star Control 2, Or a Neo Geo, or a Phillips CD interactive, etc.

Ask Kevin

hello, i was looking at your website and was fascinated at what you have done, it is a very cool idea and if i was ever in need of one, i would most certainly build one. what i would like to ask you however is if you know a way to connect a bunch of games to one console and switch them via a button, playchoice 10 style. my original idea was to take all the games and parallel them with ribbonwire with a switch for each game that controls the power going to each game. would this work??? i dont know much about computers, but i know a lot about basic electronics, and i think this would work. can you help me with this???
thank you so much,

Ask Kevin Horton he does that stuff.

It works

With how far the guide is now, can the NESp work?
Or do I have to wait?

This NESp works great! The guide is another story. Hee hee hee!

I was done

Hey man…found your site by looking to build a Nintendo. Since you have already tried to create your "own" system I wanted to know if it would be possible to make a Nintendo/super Nintendo hybrid. I would put the SNES cartridge up on the top and put the NES cartridge. I would use two motherboards (if you think that it would work with just one plz tell me). Im gonna try to do this for a college course so I need some info. Yeah so If you think it would be possible plz e-mail me…By the way that NESp is fuckin ingenious idea.

There was a SNES converter that played NES games, then later cam the TriStar :

Thanks for the info

Hey tighe i visit your site alot and alltho im not a electronic genius i do have a few skills
and i was seeing how alot of people bugged kevin horton about the nes on chip i decided to show people how to hook it up if the ever wanted to
Now i am missing some data and i have emailed kevin if he can help me on a few pins that i dont know what are for but im not expecting a reply from him as he dosent seam to answer emails from what you have said so hopefully you can help me on this as you know a few things about the nes and also you have the schematics
the picture i'v attached shows you where to connect the wires to and i have only a few wires im not sure of and the other thing im not sure of is the clock and the reset switch (altho it might not be needed)
The orignal file is in a bmp file (2mb) as i can see the lines better and i can zoom in without having the blurry effect u have in photoshop etc.
as you can see iv attached all the wires to the proper places from the cart port to the nes chip
but i need to know what does Pin 2 (PL1C) Pin 6 (PL2C) Pin 45 (Mirror) Pin 71 (XTAL 1) Pin 72 (XTAL 2) Pin 81 (PL1D) Pin 82 (PL2D) connect to ?
Also im confused on which pin i should connect this 2 Pin 44 (/ciram) on the nes cart port i have 2 choices i connect it to pin 22 (CIRAM A10) or pin 57 (CIRAM /CE) as the pinout of the nes on chip says CIRAM
The video and audio will just use the mod you used for the nes board.
I hope you can help me in some way and altho im not making this it's for people on your site who might want a bit of a challenge and has the money for a smaller nes :) altho it is stright forward.
Image removed at request of sender (sorry for the delay!) ;)

Laptop Display

Hey man, I f-ing love your work!
Got a question for you,
this screen here : http://www.pcsurplusonline.com/viewprod.cfm?ID=735
... Could I use it in making a portable NES unit?
Thank you for your time,
Matthew Seabrook

No, the display need a digital signal.


hey man, great site, you're obviously a pro. i was wondering if you could give
me some advice. i'm trying to buy some old nintendo 8bit consoles and
controlers for really cheap. in fact, they dont have to work i want to learn
how to repair them. got any advice on where to go for really cheap stuff (i've
found controllers for lik 5 bucks and consoles for 25 but that is still
steepish) thanks alot

Try garage sales and antique vendors.

There are other ways…

I'm not sure if this could be done (efectivly or cheaply) but my idea is to make a Gameboy Advance to CF (compact flash) adaptor. This would alow people to load up there games onto one memory card when there out and about. About the only information I can give about compact flash is that it is IDE based. They make adaptors so u can use them as hard drives in computers. They also make a pci to CF adaptor. I think thats about all I know right now. Let me know if there is some thing I could help you with.
Thanks for the time,
Mike Ashcraft




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