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November 11, 2002

Bigger Screen


Awesome thanks for updating the site. I have another question for you, What kind of LCD screen are you using on the P64 and if I want to put a larger screen on my NESp what would matter besides it accepting R.G.B and running on 12VDC?

Thanks again,

Keith, The specifications of the display in the NESp is on the Parts List Page. The display does not need to run on 12v -- it would be better if you used a display that ran on 5v -- since that is what the NES board runs on. If you find a display that runs on 5v then you would not need the DC-DC converter. The NES does not output RGB, make sure your display accepts a composite video signal.

Another Display Question

I was wanting to know if a color LCD screen would work as a screen for a NESp or any other nintendo system?

The NESp uses a LCD display -- I am not sure what you question is -- feel free to ask me a more specific question.

Construction Guide Question #1

Do you know when you might be able to finish the how to page?

Thanks much,

Construction Guide Question #2

A bunch of the links in the construction guide aren't working but i think i can figure them out. also, how would i connect my NESp to my tv? or could i use a gameboy screen? I've got an old gameboy would that work as a screen?

Oh yes, the construction guide...

...I don't know if I will ever finish it. Maybe I will or I won't.

As for using a gameboy screen, if you feel like it have at it, just look here.

I have to thank you for putting instructoins for building an NESp. This is something I have wanted to do for a long time but never knew how. There are a few questions that I have though:

1) How long do the batteries last?

2) My NES board is a bit different than yours judging by the picture on the scematics part of your site. For example, there is no "W" under the 4 on the left side, and the two blue things aren't in the same spot, they're further away. does this meen that mine is an earlier or later model than yours?

P.S. I may need some help constructing that amp thing that replaces the RF modulator later but I don't have all the parts yet, so I'll contact you when I get them.

1) The batteries last over three hours -- that was the longest I timed -- but I would say that the batteries actually last more like 4-6 hours

2) Most likely the differences will not matter at all, if you want to be sure send me a high resolution image of the top and bottom of your NES board.

Always feel free to send me questions if you are having difficulty, I will answer them here.

Laptop Display Question

I have a 8.75" LCD screen from a fujitusu laptop computer could I use it as the screen for a portable N64 or SNES.


All new laptop displays work off a digital signal, and would require a lot to make them accept a composite analog signal. If you have an old (very old) laptop display that works on a VGA signal, you could hook a composite video signal to it, but it might be used as a display for a Portable Dreamcast!

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