People who plan to make a NESp

Name Web Site e-mail Comments Picture of finished NESp
1. Joe Glasser (no site yet)   no picture
2. Kyle Peplow   no picture
3. Lanny Cox   no picture
4. Ryan Thompson (no site yet) NESp rocks! no picture
5. Tony Atkinson (no site yet)   no picture
6. Tim Collins (no site yet)   no picture
7. Chad Smith (no site yet)   no picture
8. XeroZohar (no site yet) This is a great idea! no picture
9. Justin Rennie (no site yet)   no picture
10. Ashe Coming soon 1337! no picture
11. William Bahamonde (no site yet)   no picture
12. Ryan Painter   no picture
13. Capitan Roofus No web site   no picture

Send me an e-mail if you are making or planning to make a portable NES, and I will list your name and a link to you site here:

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