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People who plan to make a NESp

  Name Web Site e-mail Comments Picture of finished NESp
1. Joe Glasser (no site yet) bringit@optonline.net   no picture
2. Kyle Peplow http://www.geocities.com/Xenomancer2000 xenomancer@bellsouth.net   no picture
3. Lanny Cox http://crystalisaf.cjb.net chronic@nf.sympatico.ca   no picture
4. Ryan Thompson (no site yet) Ryant1986@columbus.rr.com NESp rocks! no picture
5. Tony Atkinson (no site yet) bobbovine1@hotmail.com   no picture
6. Tim Collins (no site yet) tim2600@hotmail.com   no picture
7. Chad Smith (no site yet) link1986@earthlink.net   no picture
8. XeroZohar (no site yet) xerozohar@hotmail.com This is a great idea! no picture
9. Justin Rennie (no site yet) maxraygun@hotmail.com   no picture
10. Ashe Coming soon ashe@pulp-fiction.com 1337! no picture
11. William Bahamonde (no site yet) bgbop15@hotmail.com   no picture
12. Ryan Painter http://users.nbn.net/~bksg/hosted/rn/nesp.html trot_3@hotmail.com   no picture
13. Capitan Roofus No web site capitanroofus@yahoo.com   no picture

Send me an e-mail if you are making or planning to make a portable NES, and I will list your name and a link to you site here: