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December 2001

12-18-2001 - New improved version of the PDF version of the schematic.

12-18-2001 - Added a reference chart to the schematic.

12-17-2001 - I found a few errors in the schematic. I made revisions and posted a PDF version for printing.

12-16-2001 - There is a new more detailed schematic on the Schematics page.

12-02-2001 - Current Status of this Site and Projects

P64 - I need to order the parts for the P64 power conversion circuit -- I have made the P64 my main project -- so I will be working on that when I am not playing my GameCube!

NESp Version 2 - I finished the main componets to version 2 -- I just need to finish it up -- I have found a better case to use that will be much smaller.

Updates - December is going to be a very busy month -- so there won't alot of updates to the site during this time -- I expect to get back in the swing of things in January. So to make things easier on all of your who visit my site looking for updates I have added a form where you can register to receive an e-mail when I update the homepage.


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