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June 2003

June 27th, 2003

It is about time I added this link to the site: Portables of Doom

June 19th, 2003

I have finished my review of the Game Park 32 (GP32)! I reviewed all the main emulators that run on it.

June 14th, 2003

Portable Dreamcast hits the streets of HK!

May 2003

May 13th, 2003

Keep you eves peeled, I will soon have a review of something that would make protablizing a thing of the past the GP32 (Game Park 32) which is similar to a Game Boy.

March 2003

March 27th, 2003

I have been playing The Ledgend Zelda: The Wind Walker like a fiend lately, and I finally pulled myself away to write something to those of you who are hungry for an update.

I have gotten a few cool things in the past few months, and I have not shared them here, so here they are:

Jennifer got me a TurboExpress for Christmas this year, and I could not believe it! I remember a friend of mine had one back when they $300, and I was so jealous! We I have one now and it rules! It is hard to believe that this came out at the same time as the Gameboy (old school) and GameGear.

Picture of a TurboExpress 16 Picture of a TurboExpress 16 Picture of a TurboExpress 16

I also got a Game Boy Advance TV converter, this allows you to connect a Gameboy Advance to a television, which makes playing easier on the eyes. The image quality is very good, my only complaint is that the connector that attaches the convertor box to the modified GBA sometimes breakes electrical contact and the picture rolls. Of course you can always wait and get the Gameboy Player.

Picture of a GBA TV Adapter Picture of a GBA TV Adapter Picture of a GBA TV Adapter

I also picked up A GameBoy Advance SP, and it is so much better than the original GBA. Below you will see pictures of the SP with my Afterburner Modified GBA, and even the picture does not do the SP justice! Add in the Lithium Ion Battery and included charger, and you have a great package! Probally the hardest part about installing the Afterburner mod in the GBA is you cannot have any sdut inside, which is impossible! I cleaned and ionized my bathroom, wore a cleansuit and hat an gloves, and there were still tiny particles inside the GBA when I was done. It is not bad, but very annoying. My recommendation is to buy the SP and skip the Afterburner.

Picture of a GBA SP and Afterburner Modified GBA Picture of a GBA SP and Afterburner Modified GBA Picture of a GBA SP and Afterburner Modified GBA Picture of a GBA SP and Afterburner Modified GBA Picture of a GBA SP and Afterburner Modified GBA
March 15th, 2003

I installed AIM on my on my PC (linux) anyone can reach me at TigheKLory I have it running 24-7 but I am not always at my PC. But If I am there I will respond.

Also some people did not notice that I did an update, and added some interesting pictures, here is a direct link to the update.

March 12th, 2003 - 3:46 A.M.

The Newest Mail bag is out. I still have a bunch for questions to answer, but it is.... zzzzzz

March 12th, 2003

The Newest Mail bag is gonna be huge, I have 106 Questions I will answer! I will try and get it out soon.

November 2002

November 11th, 2002

New Mail bag!


After months of not doing anything don't ask me why I have decided to redouble my efforts. I have decided that the best way to make a case for the P64 is to use sheet aluminum and rivets. More on this as it progresses.

I also made a top loading NES from the leftover casing from the P64, and then I forgot about it too. Then I though I accidentally threw it away. Until I found it last month! I will post pictures of it in the next couple days.

I have been working on reviews of two GBA products I purchased, The Afterburner, and the GBA TV adapter.

I would like to apologize to anyone who has sent me e-mail in the past year, and if I had not replied. I have changed the way I deal with all the spam I receive and I should be more prompt in replies so if you still have a question please ask again. Check out the new Mailbag section for you questions!

July 2002


The P64 is nearing completion -- I have finished the power circuit and all I have to do is build the case and controller. See the P64 page for photos.

June 2002


I added a link to BreakPoint City -- a great comic strip by Brian Emling -- check it out -- from past strips to present. Also don't forget to visit Reallife too.


Updated "Schematics" page and added links to NES schematics which I already had on my news page but I thought I should add to the schematics page to make them easier to find.

May 2002


Added "Can I use the screen from a Game Gear, GameBoy Color, GameBoy Advance, Neo Geo Pocket Color, Lynx, or Nomad?" page.

April 2002


It's has been a long time -- what can I say -- I have received tons of e-mail and I haven't responded to any of it!

I have been very busy!

I have built myself a new computer and have been very caught up in it -- Athlon XP 1700+ /w 256M DDR (Visiontek Xtasy GeForce Ti200 64M DDR), 21" Monitor -- needless to say if is nice.

I have had people asking me many questions, and rather than replying to each person I will try and answer them all here.

Here is a list of the topics I will try to cover in the coming weeks:

  • Converting an Original NES into a toploading NES. I have already done this but I cannot seem to find it (I think I know where it is I just don't want to pull everything out of my closet!
  • Repairing worn out connectors on NES games -- sometimes the they aren't dirty!
  • The discussion on the ultimate portable (The hand-held PC) -- I have some excellent resources for anyone who wants to make a portable emulator!
  • There were other questions -- but I can't remember them -- I will answer them too.

A few weeks I was contacted by Scott Fullam who wanted my permission to include my plans for the NESp in his new book (published by O'Reilly). I thought about it for a while and I realized that while it would be an honor to be in an O'Reilly book -- it comes down to the fact that O'Reilly & Mr. Fullam would be making money off of something that should be free. So I turned him down. The content on this web site will always be free!

Finally, here is something to wet your appetite -- below is the main component to the power conversion circuit to the P64. I will be finishing the power circuit very soon.

January 2002

01-27-2002 - Correction to P64 page power consumption page.

01-19-2002 - Game Repair section added.

01-04-2002 - Kevin Horton's site is back up!

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