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November 2001

11-18-2001 - Check this out -- you can buy a brand new Super Famicom Jr. (SFC) here! For thouse of you who don't know a SFC is the Japanese SNES, the only difference is that the cartridge slot is shaped differently. This could come in handy for thouse of you looking for a small SNES to [portablize].

11-12-2001 - Ben Finished the SNESp

11-11-2001 - You might want to check this out, here is a NES diagonistic unit selling for $10! take a look VERY COOL

11-10-2001 - New NESp insideout

11-04-2001 - Heat Sinks

I have figured out how I am going to the cool the P64. The original heat sink was just too big -- so I took a heat sink from a Pentium 66 (I didn't even know they came in 66Mhz!) and cut it in half, and now I have a heat sink for the CPU and GPU! I also used 2 small heat sinks I bought at Radio Shack to cool the 2 RDRAM chips. I ran the system for 10 minutes using DK 64 -- because it uses the expansion pack -- and then I turned the system off and felt the RDRAM and CPU and GPU, and they were all cool. I believe that I have found an adequate heat dissipation solution!

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