September 2001 News

September 30, 2001 - Version 2 well on it's way!

Check out these pictures of where I am with the construction of version 2 of the NESp. What you should take notice of is that I removed the Ext port on the bottom of the board, and I also have created a new cartridge connector that will allow a NES cartridge to fit completely inside the casing! Version 2 is now only 1 3/8" thick with the cartridge!

I have also found a source of card edge connectors so I won't have to destroy any more Game Genies for their connectors! The new cartridge connector has this new cartridge connector in it!

September 1, 2001 - Great News: I have been looking for a supply of NESs for a while now, but everyone wants to much for them. Yesterday I stopped at my local GameStop and the guys there were great and gave me 5 old blinking NESs! I can use these! Thanks to those guys!